High School Art Teacher Desecrates US flag and tells students to stand on American Flag and describe how they feel: Not Fired.

Public School Art Project Desecrates American Flag

Aug 30, 2013

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Students at a Kentucky high school were encouraged to step on an
American flag that had been placed on the floor as part of an art
display, outraging parents and students.

The display at McCracken County High School, was a re-creation of
“Dread” Scott Tyler’s 1989 installation titled “The Proper Way to
Display an American Flag.”

A photograph shows a music stand on top of the flag that had been
placed in a hallway, in a story first reported by Kathleen Fox, a
reporter with www.paducahsun.com/.
As part of the art exhibit, students were encouraged to stand on the
flag and write their reflections on how they felt standing on the flag.
Local residents filled social networking sites with their outrage
over the flag desecration with many calling for the art teacher to be
“The teacher should be fired and run out of town,” wrote one outraged
Paducah resident. “I have a son serving to protect this flag at this
very moment.”
“It is a sad day when the symbol of this great nation is relegated to
occupy the floor,” a reader wrote. “It is a truly sorrowful day when
the one who placed it there has the nerve to ask, ‘How does it make you
“I doubt this teacher intended the disrespect her art project
exhibited,” one reader wrote. “But nonetheless, it was really a
despicable assignment.”
Art teacher Shand Stamper has since apologized for the controversial art display – telling www.paducahsun.com/
that it was not a specifically assigned project. The newspaper reported
she sent a written letter of apology to school administrators.
“I love our flag and the nation it stands for. I love the freedom I
enjoy because of our brave veterans. I feel sick and deeply sad that
through my actions I have dishonored these men and women and also poorly
represented you all,” she wrote in a letter obtained by the www.paducahsun.com/. “(To say) I am devastated by my actions bringing outrage and negativity on you is a gross understatement.”
Michael Ceglinski, the principal of McCracken County High School,
said the teacher made an error in judgement. He said the project was not
sanctioned by the school nor approved by administrators.
“We (McCracken County High School) don’t condone this action and we
handled it immediately and appropriately,” he told the newspaper.
Nancy Waldrop, the superintendent of McCracken County Schools, told www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/local/American-flag-at-the-center-of the flag would be burned – the proper way to dispose of an American flag that has touched the ground.

Here is the scumbags facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shandstamper/about
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