Deputy resigned after using profanity, racial slurs during cell phone conversation caught on dash ca

October 2, 2008 (Augusta) - On July 2th Deputy Wesley Powell made a traffic stop.
It was recorded by the dash cam in the patrol car and investigators say the stop is handled perfectly and by the book.

However, seconds after Powell gets back in his patrol car things take a turn.

According to a disciplinary report Powell leaves the camera on and the microphone inside the vehicle is still on when he gets a call on his cell phone. Powell’s side of the conversation is recorded.

Here he describes a traffic stop he made involving an African American woman.

Powell: “I got this girl the other day. She had a d*** little n***** in the backseat.
This thing wasn’t even old enough to crawl yet. I know she didn’t have seatbelt on neither.

I was going to give her a verbal warning you know, strap that monkey in the backseat.
You got a booster seat back there, put that monkey in the booster seat.

On the tape Powell uses profanity, racial slurs and makes sexual comments.

Powell: “Not only am I going to sexually assault her. I’m going f*** her with the d*** barrel of my d*** glock.”

The conversation was discovered on September 16th by the solicitor’s office when the DVD was being played by a defense attorney looking for a traffic stop made that day.

The DVD was then brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s office and then to Internal affairs.

The entire conversation lasts 15 minutes.

Powell: “If you hadn’t been out here running your ignorant a** Mouth you’d been on your way to wherever the f*** you’re going to buy your crack, have another baby by an illegitimate father or some other kind of sh**.”

In 2003 Powell had been disciplined for making a racist statement to an inmate. He was suspended for a day.

The 30-year-old resigned before Internal Affairs could take the recording to a review board.

Powell: “How you doing a**hole. How much of a fine do ya’ll want today?”