Haiti: Goats and cows sacrificed in bloody Voodoo festival *GRAPHIC*

Hundreds of Voodoo adherents participated in an annual Voodoo festival in Souvenance, north of Gonaives on Sunday, where they sacrificed animals and danced to ritualistic tunes, maintaining a tradition that is said to have lasted for just over two centuries.

Footage from Souvenance shows voodoo followers - dressed in all-white - slaying rams, goats and cows and smearing the blood all over their clothes.

The followers are also seen taking part in trance-inducing dance and percussion-playing, as well as taking a dip in a sacred pool.

Voodoo gained recognition as an official religion in Haiti in the 1960s, after being brought to the country by slaves from Africa. A large number of Voodoo festivities coincide with Catholic events on the island, since celebrating them at the same time was the only way worshippers could keep the traditions alive under their slave masters.


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Location: Souvenance, Haiti