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Techniques to cure the Two Pump Chump Syndrome

These were pulled from a "How to keep your composure during an emotional speech" article and I realized that these techniques could work perfectly to keep your mind right if you want to last like Ron Jeremy or Senior Peter de Norte...
Most one these techniques could be used to cure the whole "two-pump-chump thing" aka PE

WTH, I figured I'd throw them up on LL to see the response...
My Favorites:
12 Do math problems in your head.
13 Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth (or tickle the roof of your mouth with it).
17 Pinch. Pinch the skin between your index finger and thumb.
31 Puff up your cheeks and hold your breath

And here are a few techniques you probably don't want to use:
8 Cross your eyes.
16 Yawn.
27 Go outside and lie

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