Russian-Georgian Naval Clash (South Ossetia War 2008)

Sea battle off the coast of Abkhazia.

On the evening of 10 August a naval skirmish between Russian and Georgian forces took place. The Russian Nanuchka III class corvette Mirazh (Mirage) probably sank one Georgian patrol cutter with two Malakhit (SS-N-9) anti-ship missiles. This was the Russian Navy's first real sea battle since 1945. The Russians claimed that Georgian ships had violated the security zone of the Black Sea Fleet and therefore the action was in self-defense in accordance with international law. Following the action, the remaining Georgian ships withdrew to a nearby harbour.

Brief summary of the action:

Start: Engine room. Alarm given on the corvette Mirage
0:28: First Malakhit (SS-N-9) anti-ship missile launch
0:54: Second Malakhit (SS-N-9) anti-ship missile launch
1:20: Anti-aircraft missiles (Osa-MA) launched
1:55: Captain asks for maximum speed
2:10: Speed increases
2:20: Problems with the dials?!
3:05: No longer in a combat setting...
3:15: Singed paint on decks and damage caused by Malakhit launches
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4:15: Another view of damage caused by Malakhit launch
4:45: Osa-MA automated anti-aircraft system retiring back below deck
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