Handcuffed man gets pepper sprayed by Danish police (Warning: Vertical video)

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A terrifying video of operations minute unprovoked serious offenses against a dark Copenhagen, has been put on Facebook.

A video that has been shared on Facebook, shows two civilian police officers spraying pepper spray in the face of a man lying maintained and handcuffed on the sidewalk.

According Localeyes.dk is the man in front of a hair salon on Istedgade in Copenhagen, when two officers dressed in civilian seek him out and ask what the hell he's doing there.

The man says he is waiting for a hairdresser appointment, and then skip the one operated on him and pushes him into a shop window - apparently unprovoked.

- I'm sure the officers thought I was one of the many illegal Africans who sell drugs. I have every right to stand and wait, I tell him. And the same I say it, he takes me in its full force and pushes me into the glass. I am shocked and afraid of what will happen. The officer yells in my face, that such should I not answer him. I ask him to let go because I'm afraid, writes the arrested according Localeyes the video on Facebook.

The video also shows how the man being thrown to the ground and handcuffed, then the other cop sprays him several times in the face with pepper spray.

- I keep saying that it hurts, writes the arrested.

And the experience was supposedly not over by what one can see the dramatic recording.
Inside the car is arrested according to himself beaten, and the police, he is thrown to the ground with handcuffs on, so his face hit the floor hard.

First, since the man's father and hairdresser turns up at the police station, explaining that he actually spoke the truth and just waiting for an appointment with the hairdresser, he will be released.

We have not managed to Localeyes to find out when Facebook video was recorded
'But it should immediately be busy in the last few weeks', writes Localeyes.