ANNA NEWS Official Statement on the recent Youtube censorship/deletion of their 100k followers channel (Translation)

Previews note:
As we all know the Youtube channel of the fantastic-little Abkhazian alternative news network was deleted from Youtube after they published a 34min long video were we can see/hear Junta's gunmen bombarding Slavyansk. Among the bombarded civilians there are western journos.

After the deletion ANNA reacted by creating an alternative Youtube channel for its content: tvnewsfront
This channel is now also censored/deleted ( see: ) in what amount to be another shameful zioncon war against "non-aligned" journalism.

In the video that motivated Youtube's censorship (Fortunately posted here in LL
so we have access to it),
around 29:25 we can hear a damn close artillery/mortar hit. Then people got hit. They just called an ambulance casevac for a woman (italian translater?) because of injuries (shock and a neck injury). A woman start screaming. A guy asks for a knife. Asks where she's bleeding from.

ANNA Official Declaration:
Dear viewers , subscribers , readers and supporters simply !
Sorry to inform you that the channel "News-anna" Information Agency «Anna-news», has been open for a long time on the platform of the pro-American site "YouTube", blocked for " inappropriate content in the video ." This happened after the publication of the video where Slovyansk junta ruthlessly shoot civilians ! Our main theme coverage of the Southeast, including the National Guard fighters mayhem ! By " coincidence " that happened 10 hours before the start of illegitimate elections on May 25 in the Ukraine !

Doubt " pure coincidence " of this phenomenon does not occur , as in the same way our junta blocked the channels created by similar pro-American site "Ustream" before the referendum in Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as our occupation authorities was not too lazy to crack once all our information Public pages and social networks !

We are touched by this amount of attention given to us by the tireless self-proclaimed fascist power and hasten to upset her , saying that all the important materials that have been published on our static channel ( including video captured during the battle of the trench Slovyansk in prof. Capacity) will be reuploaded to a new channel : " / user / tvnewsfront"

Friends ! Please ! Much to ask ! After reading , do repost or post at this petition ! Let everyone know what methods enjoys junta not to give us cover events such what they really are .
We really need your help!"