After Ukraine, new Colour revolution/illegal seizure of a government will begin in FYROM (Macedonia)

Maidan in Skopje will be organized by the US Ambassador who hosted Erdogan unrest in Taksim Square, turkey.

The word "Majdan" in Macedonian sounds the same, but with the accent on the first syllable: played its role more than 500-year-old stay current of Macedonia within the Ottoman Empire. The poorest of all Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, despite its powerful menom always remained a poor cousin in the family of the Balkan peoples.Under this name, which is not recognized by the United Nations - officially called "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" - Africa can not be admitted into the European Union. Position southern neighbor is relentless, as the largest province with a capital of Greece in Thessaloniki, also called Macedonia.Thank toponymy. It was she who was the defining moment of the debate last spring, on the issue of Skopje's NATO entry. Greece as a member of the North Atlantic Treaty explicitly refused to recognize under the name Republic of Macedonia.

In early May of this small Balkan country has been shaken by several events.

First, the largest in recent years, the decline extremists in Kosovo, the third by population makednonski city of Kumanovo, the Albanian tacit prestnonicu Macedonia.

And secondly, another attempt to organize riots in the capital, the results of which are supposed to be won government buildings and state executed deceive. In parallel, it is obvious inciting interethnic conflict, along with firing the anti-government sentiment.

Designers riots have decided to seriously address the problem - someone greatly bothered by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who held the position since 2006.

This often happens in Eastern Europe and the Balkans in particular: coming to power, totally pro-European oriented, becoming president / prime minister, but gradually all the more disappointing, looking to the West, and stunned, looking to the East.Such was the former president of Serbia, Boris Tadic, in whose time in the country started arriving Russian investment.That became Nikola Gruevski.

In 2008, he is the world held every East European policy of Euro-Atlantic mantra. After six years, he became a supporter of South Stream, now supports Turkish stream. After all, from the perspective of a serious political partnership, there is nothing better than a statesman who was disappointed by the opponent Sizer.

New US Ambassador Jess Bailey arrived in Macedonia recently, just last year. Until then constructed a "quarry" in Turkey.

The secret of the famous leader of the riots on Taksim Square is not cope with the task, and was soon withdrawn. Now he arranges "Taxi" in Skopje.

George Soros Fund.

Multi Annual beneficiary of these grants is the leader of the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia Zoran Zaev, who twice this year unsuccessfully tried to organize a coup in his homeland.For the first time, in February, this attempt were foiled security forces, the second time on May 5, the main square in Skopje are actually recurrent events of January 19, 2014 in Kiev (remember, when suddenly the young guys masquerade started you are bombarded with police and government buildings "Molotov cocktails")?Unlike Kiev, where in such a way demonstrated against the "totalitarian dictator Yanukovych laws" (laws Pigs not only that they were already confirmed and strengthened), in the capital of Macedonia reason was the information that the 2011 Prime Minister's bodyguard allegedly beaten on the death of a young boy.

Can you seriously believe in it?

He then signed the Ohrid Agreement, which was awarded to the Albanian (muslim) minority (15-20% of the total population) unlimited rights.

The US Ambassador expressed his full support "peaceful demonstrators". No doubt: the riots will be generously paid. The same was evident in Bulgaria a year ago, when for a few days, until then little known to whom fejsbuk-opposition mounted to the streets of Sofia thousands of disgruntled.In this way, they overthrew the Socialist government, which has signed onto the deal. Now it is for them in Bulgaria Prime Minister former bodyguard of the former emperor Boyko Borisov, who categorically spoke out against cooperation with Moscow. Now he, incidentally, requires the resignation of Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski.A brave man - is not even afraid of civil war in the neighbor countries: to Sofia from Skopje has more than 200 km, and tens of thousands of refugees run away right there. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that in the case of the active phase of the ethnic conflict in Macedonia he will inevitably spread to the south-western area of Serbia.This conflict directly affects Russian interests in Europe. For just over Macedonia and Serbia must now pass a gas pipeline from Turkey to Hungary, and attempt to alert the given region directly affects the economic and political capacity of our cooperation with the EU.

While Gazprom is negotiating with winning SYRIZA in Greece, our "American friends" make the next step a little north.Read carefully classic work, "The Grand Chessboard" is this some case fully applicable.That Macedonia wouldn't become a new Ukraine or Bulgaria, it has long been there to start with the work. Support the pragmatic prime minister who, tired of European promises, asking for specific projects.For Vardar valley or a trip on A-1, is historically significant for all those who want to join Europe. This ROAD MAP should be set strategic railways to Europe from the Greek port of Piraeus - Chinese project, which is also contrary to the "Euro-Atlantic values."

In fact, it is our fight for Europe with Washington.Sometimes saving Europe begins with the Balkans. And that's what it says in the same classic work.

Traitor want MAJDAN in Skopje: Zaev urged his supporters not to leave square

It ended - and it lasted three and a half hours - meeting the Macedonian opposition directed by the American embassy and the CIA. The rally which its instigators, organizers and conductors of the shadows to be devoted to an introduction to the Skopje quarry.That is why the main "American" Zoran Zaev - leader of the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, who spoke last - openly called on his supporters and all those present not to disperse "until Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski does not resign."zaevtalked for half an hour, and he and his public and secret "headquarters" were solved by the end of the rally where to (modeled on Kiev Maidan) make the "tent village" colored revolution in its infancy.Vacillated between the Ilinden Boulevard, where the (near government) held a rally in front of the market and the Sobranie (Parliament), about a kilometer from the government building.The main "American" is, as announced, spoke last and as expected.

"Nikola - resignation," said zaev.

"Nikola Gruevski hours are numbered," said the prime minister called a "coward" for improper calculation of his opponents and "thief" because he stole the election.SDSM leader has also called on citizens, members of all ethnic communities - Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs and Turks - and members of the various political parties and associations, to stay ahead of the seat of government until Gruevski and his cabinet resign."With the will or not, Gruevkom came to an end," said zAEV tumultuous cheering of citizens present, reported the Tanjug correspondent from the scene. "Macedonia will be a joint multi-ethnic state ... a state of equal citizens. Completion is a time of great patriotism, "said zAEV.

"Gruevski, do not odugovačiš your time is up," said SDSM leader and added that the only thing the current prime minister at this time can do that - leave the government.

Zaev has also paid tribute to police officers killed in Kumanovo shootout with terrorists and said that the damage that Gruevski made a "big as big of Macedonia".He called for the formation of a transitional government that within a specified period expected to announce a fair and democratic elections. "Gruevski is afraid of resignation, but it is the only solution. This May 17 smells like freedom and will enter history as the day when it came to the creation of the free Republic of Macedonia ", said SDSM leader.The international community, he said, expects help by being more involved in the peaceful resolution of the political crisis in Macedonia.

Zaev has requested the dismissal of the public prosecutor and the Republican leadership and the state media.

When a change of government, Macedonia will, is convinced he will be a common stable multi-ethnic state with equal rights for all who are born in it, regardless of nationality and religion.Citizens were promised a fair distribution of wages and pensions, more effective health policies, preventive, punitive policy, and that the government will spend budget funds for election campaigns.

Zaev has promised to Macedonia if he is led, resolutely pursue the path towards the European Union and NATO.Speech Zaeva repeatedly interrupted by applause.He himself published "minutes embarrassment for the government of Nikola Gruevski."During that minutes are all present terrible noise: whistles, rattlesnakes, shouting "boo, boo!" ...

Against Gruevski and Skopje Davenport, part of protesters chanting "UCK, UCK" (UCK/KLA/ANA/ANG - albanian terrorist organizations)

Sounds of the Macedonian anthem in front of the government building in Skopje started a multinational anti-government protest organized by influential opposition SDSM Zoran Zaev. A large number of citizens from almost all towns in Macedonia came to Skopje, organized by buses, trains, cars - as who made it.They carry the state flag of Macedonia, and Albania has, banners and "Resign", "Farewell, Nikola", "Every man has a right to a healthy environment", "No you salvation from the plebiscite", "in 1941. I was a partisan, a 2015 protest, "reported the Tanjug reporter at the scene.The opposition is demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the formation of a technical government that within a year prepare early elections.The main messages were that citizens want change, freedom, justice, equality, democracy and dignity for Macedonia and all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Gruevski, however, said he will not resign, because he thinks it would be a cowardly act. Otherwise, tomorrow, in Skopje, in front of the Sobranie in 20 hours scheduled protest of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE.Around government building is at least 300 policemen and several dozen different police vehicles, although the Prime Minister Gruevski last night announced that it would, if attempted violent seizure of power, the competent react in accordance with democratic principles, the Constitution and the laws.Organizers and sympathetic media - not only Skopje, but Belgrade - argue that the Ilinden Boulevard in front of the Macedonian government "tens of thousands of citizens."Tabor Gruevski and related media claim that there are "several thousand" and that everything is staged outside. Realistically, all over Macedonia, the organizers were able to find and bring between 15 and 30 thousand of those who were willing to engage in Skopje quarry. ZAEV and its been announced and promised 70-100 thousand.

There are a lot of flags in the colors of the rainbow, which is also inevitable in the color revolutions.First he played a student representative who - exactly in accordance with the instructions of the "father" color revolutions Gene Sharp - spoke to the students want a legal and democratic state, with equal opportunities for all, but with the new government and the new Prime Minister.

Online chanted "Resignation,Resignation,Resignation,Resignation".

But it is expected. New is that on several occasions repeated chanting "UCK, KLA, UCK, KLA".

Rally attended by ambassadors of all countries, "fifth" Social Democrat MEP bloc in the European parliament Richard Hovit, EU Ambassador to Skopje Erwan Fouere and Simone Netherlands Filipini.Ambasadori and Fuere are in the stands.US Senator Chris Murphy on the occasion of today's protests appealed for restraint from violence, to Macedonia was returned to the Euro-Atlantic path.SDSM leader zAEV promised protests would be peaceful and non-violent and announced that 4,600 activists protest record mobile phones due to violence, and that between the police and citizens will be established buffer zones.