Bottlenose dolphin lands on top of 3 people, injuring a woman

01-01-2008 Curacao
Participants at a swim-with-dolphins session at Dolphin Academy in Curacao were horrified when an 11 year-old bottlenose dolphin,named Annie , landed on top of them.

6 people were holding a stick for the dolphin to jump across but instead the animal turned side-ways and landed on 3 of them with its full weight.
Unconfirmed reports state it took some time before action was taken to help the injured woman, who was taken by ambulance to hospital.

Following the incident, visitors were asked to hand over their cameras and footage was deleted. All 3 victims were refunded their entry fee, but no explanation for the incident was offered by the facility, however Dolphin Academy has since commented that this was just ?a little accident?.