Kent Hovind buries evolution scientist Dr Waggoner in live debate

This is perfectly typical of what happens whenever evolution scientists try to challenge Kent Hovind in a debate, which is why evolutionists now strictly resort to smear campaigns and mudslinging as the religion of evolution disintegrates under real scutiny. In 2004, Dr Hovind challenged 160 professors to a live debate at Berkley University. They all declined!

Here, Hovind's opponent, Dr Waggoner, actually admits evidence commonly referenced by evolution scientists as evidence for evolution could alternatively be evidence of a common design and a common designer.

I can post dozens of other examples.

Click here for 101 scientific evidence proving that evolution is scientifically impossible.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that macro evolution withstands the scientific method, or that it is a proven scientific fact. It is a conjecturous hypothesis slightly above the level of a myth.

Evolution is a dangerous soul destroying religion from the pit of hell fabricated to destroy your chances for eternal salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God.

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