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Socialism, Fascism And The Left-Right Political Spectrum EXPLAINED

There is a significant and ongoing misinformed misunderstanding regarding the proper placement of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Hitler, NAZIs, Stalin, Mao, Obama, Bush, Bachmann (and others) on the traditional and familiar Left-Right Wing political spectrum, especially in regards to how they relate to one another on that spectrum. This has been the subject of endless debate among LL members who enjoy political sparring.

The goal of this video is to end this debate once and for all, not by declaring a winner, but encouraging a new, simple, accurate method of viewing the political spectrum.

The familiar linear Left-Right political spectrum, as the video explains, is incapable of describing things accurately.So as you watch this, keep in mind that maybe no one was wrong and no one was was the tool that was never meant to be able to explain these complex relationships.


Added: Nov-8-2011 
By: gregsto
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