Forget Putlerbots - Meet the Infotards

They are typically subscribers of conspiracy magazines like and their heroes are Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

Up until 2 years ago, none of them criticized radical Islam but instead blamed Israel for all of the world's problems. This despite Alex Jones' wife being Jewish, and Paul Joseph Watson being of mixed Jewish descent.

Initially nobody took them seriously. Fake moon landings and Boston Bombing conspiracy theories were simply not of interest to those who saw that radical Islam really was a threat.
Infowars chose to claim that instead or radical Islam it was the government who instigated these attacks.

For years they have spewed nothing but lies. Today they are the greatest parasites of Donald Trump online. There is no other group currently ripping off more Trump supporters than Everything Trump does they comment on in a favorable way, so as to get his voters to listen to their show and purchase their goods. They even managed to get the Donald on their show but he has since then disavowed them. Liveleak be warned, if you see these parasites, point them out for what they are!

How to recognize these Infotard bots:

- They will claim you are a leftist or libtard for disagreeing with them
- They will claim you support Obama or Bush for pointing out that they are retarded
- They will generally twist everything into an anti Trump, anti Infowars or anti White conspiracy theory despite actually hating Trump
- They will under all circumstances support whatever makes them the most money
- They will point you to the Infowars store to make money off of you
- They will sell crappy non FDA approved health products that actually cause cancer or are otherwise harmful
- They will claim there is a New World Order and that Trump and Putin are the only ones who can stop it because they know that Trump followers are currently very enthusiastic about these topics
- They will claim that anybody who opposes them is brainwashed by the New World Order.
- They will claim they were always anti Islam, when only 2 years ago they did whatever they could to defend Islam, as many of their listeners were post 911 Muslim conspiracy theorists.

Ladies & Gentlemen.........get ready for the Jonesbots, the Infotards, the parasites that are currently capitalizing the most off of Donald Trump's success story. Warn your friends!


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