Capital City Pride and their discrimination against Civil Rights at own protest

On Saturday, June 20th of 2015, the organization Capital City pride took up residence in Downtown Olympia in the state of Washington. The posted video is a first hand look at how the organization claims to stand for equal rights for all, even saying so on many items of merchandise sold and given away all during the event.

A group of 4 community members tried to enter the public event going on with their assorted weapons and gear on their bodies. All of the weapons had loaded magazines and clear chambers. As the Second Amendments states, citizens of the United States right to bear arms shall not be infringed. As the group attempts to peaceably enter the event and partake in the festivities, the Capital City pride staff blocked the entrance and told the group of 4 to go away because they "Do not feel safe with people with guns around" even though they were there to support and defend the rights of the people.

This blatant act of discrimination should not be allowed. They cannot be taken seriously as an organization that is all for rights and equality if they block the entrance to a public area based on what a person is wearing, or what they look like. They are more willing to hate on somebody exercising their civil rights that are guaranteed by the constitution to further make sure that their own feelings aren't hurt. This type of hypocritical behavior is a prime example as to why groups like these aren't taken seriously.

If you would like to express your concerns and distaste, here is information on how to contact the group: The head admin is