Academi, formerly know as 'Blackwater' to actively begin training Ukraine military in January 2015

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Academi, formerly know as 'Blackwater' to actively begin training Ukraine military in January 2015

US security officials will soon begin to prepare and transmit their experience volunteer battalions soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On such news reports "Press Ukraine".

A Ukrainian military training will cause many to hearing American private military company Academi, better known as Academi (Blackwater).

American instructors will arrive in Ukraine in early January 2015 and immediately begin their mission.

The main focus of study by Ukrainian troops will be learning to engage combat in urban environments.

Number of instructors from the US so far is unknown.

According to preliminary information, 550 Ukraine service men in January who will be put through the training course in an experimental battalion to fight professional terrorists.

Customer training wisdom of doing street fighting made, as it became known, the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The month-long program is designed by Americans and includes courses teaching marksmanship, assault operations groups in urban areas, close combat and combat, and logistics support for the battalion."

The cost of instruction is estimated at $3.5 million.

The training will most likely take place at the Yavoriv training center, in Lviv region.

We remind readers' press Ukraine, "Putin that the Russian authorities have once again deceived the inhabitants of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk" People's Republic "by sending a" humanitarian convoys "no food, medicines and so on. E., A new modern guns and ammunition to them.