About 30 rockets over Ashdod,Ashkelon after Israel takes down Islamic Jihad cell in Gaza (Video and Photos)

At list one person was killed during Heavy rocket attacks over Ashdod, Ashkelon during the recent hours, after the IDF took down an Islamic Jihad cell in Gaza - The cell had fired a Grad rocket at a region south of Tel-Aviv on Wednesday night and was ready to mount another attack. several people were hurt during the attacks, one of them died recently from his wounds at the hospital.

Meantime, about 25,000 people return to demand social justice in Tel-Aviv's Rabin Square, after a break of almost 2 months.

The first 6 photos and video shows the aftermath of the Grad attacks on Ashdod, couple of hours ago.
The last 2 photos shows the big social justice rally in Tel-Aviv (About 25 minutes drive from Ashdod), taking place at the same time...





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