Die Flut Kommt

This is exactly what we should be striving for:

A highly militant, exclusionary, technocratic meritocracy built around the ideas of radical traditionalism. A society hell-bent on expansion and the preservation of one's own kind and culture, at the detriment of all others'... this is the only natural, sane response to a world filled with subhuman filth and degenerate untermensch whose only goal in life is the extermination of everything just and pure.

We tried to give the Other its chancel we bent over backwards accommodating them; we shared our technology, our art, our literature, our accomplishments; we educated them, fed them, allowed entire broods of them to settle in our ancestral lands; we humbled ourselves; apologizing for imaginary slights and grovelling at their feet for the perceived transgressions of taming this planet and bringing the torch of civilization to the world... And for what? All our efforts are rewarded with scorn, hatred, jealousy, and outright malevolence.

We need a new system.

Something more noble than the petty mercantile aspirations of Semites.

Something greater than the slave-like morality imposed upon us by alien religions.

A society built on unshakable, indelible foundations, woven from our own racial stock and governed by the guiding light of Apotheosis; that driving, all-consuming framework of beliefs that the White man is his own god, that he IS god; the keeper of his own destiny, noble by birth, master by choice, tyrant by necessity, and ruler by right!

We tamed this world once, and we can do it again.

But first, we must burn the heretic, kill the mutant, and purge the unclean.

And then, when we've freed ourselves of weakness, empathy, remose, and guilt, when the last subhuman has been cleansed from Terra and the last trace of their existence purged from this planet, we'll ascend to the stars and make them our own.

And the galaxy will tremble.

This is our destiny.