Cocaine, Big Banks, SEIU Goon Union, the Police State, and YOU

Have you wondered if there is some sort of international spider web of control of your entire nation, a conduit? Often two sides who are working towards the same goals can appear to be working against each other. Republicans vs Democrats and Big Banks vs. SEIU, the international goon union are examples. There are millions of SEIU members all over the world. Many are police, firefighters, teacher, sanitation works, DOT, DCF, EPA, FDA, FBI, IRS, court riggers or their contractors, or you name it. The SEIU can orchestrate 400 to 500 people bused in to show up at your house. Or, maybe you can be blacklisted so police informants, police, and riggers of courts do you in. You can't play the game if you don't know about the players.

Interfering with Mafia cocaine and heroin dealing can get you on the SEIU thug radar. The CIA and black operations are largely funded with tax dollars AND illegal drug trafficking. Big Banks, not community banks and local credit unions, launder the drug trafficking money. The international corporate organized crime and banking cartel that has nations under stealth occupation can rig the government, the police, and the courts with their goon union.

Contact an elected official about public corruption, judicial misconduct, and/or police brutality and ... yes you guessed it, a SEIU Rep gives your name and address to the Commissioner of the State Police and/or others so that you are blacklisted and retaliated against.

Those who connect the dots and tell elected officials may have to flee countries like the US and then flee to another seeking political asylum as did []. More Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites [].

Should being a taxpayer paid international union member be considered treason? Take the poll with this post.