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Ann Coulter Is A Man!!!

Foul-Mouthed Blonde Had A Sex Change Operation

The Sentry has it on good authority that in real life Ann Coulter is a man. He/she was once Arthur Coltrane from Pickens County, Georgia, who went to Denmark when he/she was a teenager for a sex-change operation to become a woman, the operation being paid for by his/her wealthy and doting mother, Darlene Coltrane, heiress to a hog-farming fortune.

As Ann appeared more frequently on cable news and magazine shows, it was apparent that she was the only woman on TV with an "Adam's Apple." This led to some poking around in her/his background.

The consensus about "Ms." Coulter/Coltrane is that ONLY a frustrated and unhappy transsexual man could have such a vicious mouth on him/her. People are saying that his/her stunning blond locks are really a wig, which he/she got in a Copenhagen sex-toys and drag-queen supply shop, when his/her own ha


Added: Jul-20-2008 
By: Doyle22
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