Chinese rooftop daredevil's luck runs out

The confirmation of Wang Yongning's death only came on Wednesday as a result of questions that were raised after his social media account had not been updated for over a month.

The extreme sports player was well-known for his risky stunts, like walking on the edge of a rooftop or posing with his hands holding a rooftop edge and his body hanging midair.

Wang, who was born in 1991, usually recorded each of his risky challenges on video which he posted to his Weibo account with a screen name of @Jixian-Yongning but the last post was on November 8, which triggered off speculation by netizens that he had died.

And so it turned out. Wang’s friends on Wednesday put out an online statement confirming that he had fallen down a skyscraper in Changsha on November 8 and his body was discovered the next day.

In the statement, the friends also said a video showing him dropping down from a building was recorded by him as a gimmick.



By: Mr_Botchan (2016.60)

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