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Is it OK to Shoot a Cop?

When Should You Shoot A Cop?

(Take a deep breath and give yourself time to get over the heading).
This is from an outstanding article by Philosopher/Author Larken Rose and it is just superb reading. I recommend this because if you can not define Freedom, you will never know Freedom. How can you seek something you cannot identify or describe?

To quote Larken Rose.
“Consider the recent Indiana Supreme Court ruling, which declared that if a cop tries to ILLEGALLY enter your home, it’s against the law for you to do anything to stop him. Aside from the patent absurdity of it, since it amounts to giving thugs with badges PERMISSION to “break the
law,” and makes it a CRIME for you to defend yourself against a CRIMINAL (if he has a badge), consider the logical ramifications of that attitude.”

This article has since had main stream media attention, I will shortly post Larken's re

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