Homecoming Tug-of War partially severed 2 teens hands

Tug-of-war turns tragic at high school homecoming

PARKER Colorado- The teens injured during a game of tug-of-war are now in stable condition.

Lutheran High School students Henry Barrett and Mitch Helfer are in local hospitals recovering from micro surgery after a rope nearly amputated the young men's hands while playing tug-of-war.

It happened Friday afternoon in the school's gymnasium. The event was part of the student's homecoming events for the week. The Lutheran Lions were scheduled to play football on Saturday, but decided to postpone all activities following the accident.

Randy Lowe with the Colorado Lutheran High School Association talked with 9NEWS about the school's decision.

"We decided for the well-being of our student body and the rest of the school that we'd postpone activities," he said. "It's kind of tough to celebrate when two of our kids are hurting."

Henry Barrett's mom told 9NEWS that her son is in a lot of pain but they are praying for his recovery and remaining positive.

Barrett's family isn't sure when he will get to leave the hospital, but their friends and extended family at Lutheran are hopeful the teens will return soon.

"We are very optimistic for a full recovery," said Lowe.