Young boy mowed down by motorbike - from helmet cam

I decided to stick my $10 video camera (808 keys #3 version) on my motorbike helmet yesterday to test it out, and show how bad some driving is over here.

While riding just outside town, I saw a crowd gathering (a sure sign of an accident here is large crowd - no-one helping) ahead.

If you watch the video, you can see what's happened.
The kid pushing the moto scooter has just mowed down a young boy, and the father is scooping up the bloodied child and running towards the clinic about 200m away.
If you freeze the video around the 15 second mark, you can see the poor kids mashed up face.
Hope he's ok!

I will try to use the helmet cam as much as possible, as I've seen countless accidents and unbelievably bad driving happening here right in front of me, and now I have the means to share it with LL'ers!

Watch this space!

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