9/11 ExoW Cover-Up: Top Direct Energy Insider linked to Claremont (Griffin), Los Alamos (PJones) (Pa

New research reveals that the U.S. was *actively involved* prior 9/11
in the Production and Development of exoW (exotic weaponry) incl. Direct Energy Weapons, most obviously also for the false-flag use on 9/11 at the Twin Towers, NYC.

One of the main key players on advisory and more had been Dr. Gregory H. Canavan.

Canavan has served at Los Alamos since 1981, previously as director of the

Office of Inertial Fusion and special assistant to the chief of staff

at the Department of Energy.
During the same time period also Professor Steven E. Jones was *actively* involved in the cooperation with the Office of Inertial Fusion, as the following documents from U.S. Department of Energy prove:

In September 1987 Jones delivered a 09/01/85 paper on the "MEASUREMENT OF THE EFFICIENCY BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY OF MUON-CATALYZED FUSION" for the "Advanced Energy Projects" Research Summaries, for the Division of Advanced Energy Projects.
Jones confirms, that on behalf of his Cold Fusion research "as many as 150 fusions (average) per muon have been achieved" to prove the efficiency of potential weaponry.

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