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North Carolina Schools May Cut Chunk Out of U.S. History Lessons

"Those who control the past control the future. Those who control the present control the past." - George Orwell (1984)



He may be the president who governed during the Civil War, freeing the slaves, but under a new curriculum proposal for North Carolina high schools, U.S. history would begin years after President Lincoln, with the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877.

State education leaders say this may help students learn about more recent history in greater depth.

"We are certainly not trying to go away from American history," Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, told Fox News. "What we are trying to do is figure out a way to teach it where students are connected to it, where they see the big idea, where they

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  • The dumbing down of the population continues...

    Posted Feb-3-2010 By 

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    • Agreed, I mean that era is very important to America, it has a lot to do with how we got to this point today.

      Did you know that technically we could have freed the slaves without the civil war? At a fraction of the cost, in money and more importantly in lives, the government could have purchased the slaves contracts and immediately freed them while banning slavery at the same time. The concept blows American minds, until you point out the almost every other country in the world has ended slav More..

      Posted Feb-5-2010 By 

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  • Liberalism should be gutted from all education levels

    Posted Feb-3-2010 By 

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  • As a history teacher, it sounds like these schools need better teachers, not a change in curriculum. To make our students better citizens we need to focus MORE on the people whom in our history truly upheld he morals and values we "say" we believe and act upon in this country. Focusing globally, does nothing if we do not teach and comprehend and learn to apply the lessons of ourt history...we are more likely to make global mistakes if we don't value where and how we came to be...


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  • in the land of the stupid

    Posted Feb-4-2010 By 

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  • I'll make my own quote:

    Those who forget the past, commit the same mistakes on the future.

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  • Sounds like the creationist nuts that think the Flintstones is a documentary.

    Posted Feb-3-2010 By 

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  • You cannot dumb down an already dumb population. Maybe someone can, but the USA southern states continue to be like modern Haiti. The Civil war merely wiped out the very cream of the Confederacy, so that the slugs there would live on and on and on...

    Posted Feb-4-2010 By 

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