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When Muslims Make Fun of the Amish/Greek Orthodox Church @ Ground Zero won't be rebuilt, refused permit

Muslim outreach goes horribly wrong: fill in Ground Zero Mosque-representing muslim intern takes jab at the Amish in a Tweet

When Muslims Make Fun of the Amish
By Greg Gutfeld (Bio | Archive)
Wed, 08/18/2010 - 09:54 ET

So last night on the show, Andy Levy pointed out that the person representing the Ground Zero mosque on Twitter made a few jabs at the Amish.

This is what the Tweeter tweeted:

Amish saying stop Muslims?1. What are you doing on the computer? 2. That's not very Amish 3. Shouldn't you be making butter?

Later, that tweet was deleted.

Which is a shame, because it didn't have to go. See, the Mosque folks don't understand that here in America you can make fun of any religion - yes, even the Amish - and angry followers won't throw acid in your face or behead you in fr


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