Early Proof Diane Feinstein Cannot Be Trusted

In the latest scandal involved military secrets leaked, Diane Feinstein is the star. She recently revealed secret operations that are going on in Pakistan, but that doesn't really surprise me.

When the San Francisco police were investigating The Night Stalker serial killer many years ago, only police knew the identity of the suspect, Richard Ramirez. This information was supposed to be for "Law Enforcement Only," but then-Mayor Feinstein thought it would be the best for the community that she reveal that info.

Turns out, the police didn't agree with her, and she nearly blew their entire investigation:

"The police and L.A. Sheriff, Sherman Block, had finally gotten the true identify of the “Night Stalker,” and they were withholding that and other key factors about the case known only to the police and Ramirez, and this information had clearly been marked “For Law Enforcement Only.” They were most disheartened to see any lead they might have had in their investigation be blown… on national TV, no less; by none other than then-mayor of San Francisco, Diane Feinstein."

You cannot trust ANY politician, regardless of party.
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