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Police brutalize antiwar/climate protest at Pentagon (approach march video followed by interview)

On April 8. the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance(NCNR) joined forces with SOA watch for protest of militarism, its effects on people, and it's effects on the environment at the protest. Both people in the civil disobediance and in the "free speech zone" were met with arrests and police brutality.

Police also had warned protesters that cameras used on Pentagon property would be taken, so I disengaged at the property line to avoid kicking off the violence myself with a Dec 19 type incident if someone tried for my camera. Another participant, however, was able to shoot video footage from a concealed camera and video of the brutal arrests is expected to be published early next week.

The two-pronged event began with SAO Watch marching to the Pentagon on surface streets. At the same time, 25 people with the NCNR contingent boarded the Metro and approached the Pentagon from th

Added: Apr-8-2011 
By: dcdirectactionnews
Tags: antiwar, Pentagon, police brutality, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, SOA Watch
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