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Dick Morris CONFIRMS DrWrongPaul's assessment Ron allahu akbar PAUL

• Ron Paul has always been consistent about being wrong.
• Ron Paul is always been a practitioner that if you leave your enemies alone they will not attack you.

Islam's goals is to convert the world regardless of how long you have
been a country. Ron Paul supporters ignore this fact or they are simply
too naïve to understand it.
• Ron Paul supporters accuse normal people of being media ignorant, when it is they themselves that define the meaning.

Ron Paul supporters do indeed want to change the world just like Obama
did, however their goals bring us closer to the secular left, and the
world that embraces complete heathenism.
• Ron Paul supporters do not
support Christianity, Ron Paul supporters are not conservative, Ron
Paul supporters do not support Republicans, Ron Paul supporters despise
the United States military, Ron Paul supporters are the first to blame

Added: Dec-28-2011 
By: tehinfidel
Tags: ron, paul, nazi
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