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Freight train emergency stop

with a trailing load of about 2000 tons a Japan Freight Rail AC/DC 5,000 HP Toshiba locomotive goes into emergency stop mode to be captured on vid by a well placed miscreant/rail enthusiast The howling and screeching of the tortured steel is either terrible or great - depending upon your liking of course ;-)
I'm surprised the brakes aren't smoking after that stop but they may yet. or, it could be a super efficient braking system which rapidly dissipates the massive heat build up.

to capture full effect from this mundane vid play at the loudest volume you can get away with (the louder it is the better it is).

Caution; this is a rail related vid and you should click accordingly , if you don't like what you see within the first nano-second Hi-tail it out for you will not like the rest - believe me.

Added: Sep-13-2013 
By: thecleaner001
Tags: emergency stop, Japan Freight Rail, brakes, screaming brakes, tortured steel, hot brakes, no tire kickers necessary - sorry,
Location: Japan (load item map)
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