10 yrs old kid saves a desert bird from drowning

A 10 yrs old boy jumps into a freezing water, in the cold weather Israel had this week, in order to save a desert bird which got stuck in the mud-
During a break in the storm this week, the Fridman's went for a trip in their area in S.Israel- They reached a water pond in Hatzeva, which was full with water and mud, due to the recent floods.

Suddenly one of the kids,Nir, noticed a female desert bird (Desert caller) in distress- The bird thought the pond is land (since it got covered with sand and dirt during the storm) and landed in the middle of it.

They called the mother of the family, which works as a vet, and also called a zoological worker which works with birds and was also visiting the area, but there was no way to reach the bird, untill the boy decided to take his clothes off and went inside the freezing water.

Eventually he manage to take her out- The grown ups took her to the car and warmed her. After that she was taken to the mother clinic and got a treatment, before she will be free back to the wild.


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