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Ron Paul supporters threaten Atlanta family with death threats and rape

Jere Brower, his wife Clara, and his 4-year-old daughter Ana, have a
very good reason to believe Texas Congressman Ron Paul when he said
people view his supporters as "dangerous."
The 38-year-old Atlanta man and his family have been targeted by
militant Ron Paul supporters, one of whom threatened to "kneecap" him,
then rape his wife and young daughter. Mr. Brower said he has also
received death threats from supporters of Ron Paul.
The trouble started when Brower and some of his Facebook friends decided to have a laugh over Ron Paul's ties to racist and anti-semitic groups.

He wrote a post on Facebook intended to be a joke, but some Paul supporters took it seriously - too seriously.

"If you live in South Carolina and want to have some fun with these Paulbots here is what we do," he


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By: LarryThompson
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