Bodycam Captures Seminole County Hospital Shoot-Out (Two Angles)

Sanford, FL - A Seminole County sheriff's deputy has been fired in the wake of a murder-suicide that left a family dead because the deputy didn't file a report of domestic violence related to the case nine days before the fatal incident.

Deputy Chad Tavenner was fired Tuesday for failing to file a report, find probable cause or make an arrest in two incidents connected with Henry Brown, who had violated a court injunction by contacting his estranged wife, Chericia.

Chericia Brown called 911 on April 8, saying that Henry Brown arrived at a KinderCare, took the spark plugs out of her car and followed her. Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger said that Tavenner failed to file a report that night. Tavenner was later dispatched to a car driven by a man who looked like Henry Brown but failed to investigate that incident, too, Eslinger said.



By: JThom (47837.00)

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Location: Sanford, United States