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Yes We Can - A GOP mix

Real Republicans, take note: There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between "Conservative Republican Values" and "Neo-Conservative Values."

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor protecting our civil liberties - Truly American
Neo-Conservatives: See our civil liberties as an unnecessary restriction on government power.

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor a smaller, less intrusive government- Truly American
Neo-Conservatives: Are Willing to spend money (and expand government reach) without restraint, provided it helps them further their agenda.

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor Fiscal Responsibility and reducing taxes - GOOD FOR AMERICA
Neo-Conservatives: Fool the public into thinking a "tax cut" (Paid for with PRINTED MONEY) is actually beneficial, hiding the fact that it amounts to little more than a loan that the taxpayer (or their children) will have to repay WITH INTE

Added: Apr-3-2008 
By: Illuminated1234
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