Oles Buzina's listing on Ukranian kill list website. From Reddit

I’m not calming this, this info was posted on reddit by members.


Anton Geraschenko aide to Minister of Interior Avakov created a website that lists "enemies of the people". The list included Oleg Kalashnikov and Oles Alekseevich.

Here is a post from him approving the site https://www.facebook.com/anton.gerashchenko.7/posts/77378578;



The website is hosted on nato.int domain with the server located in Dallas, TX.

As far as I know it doesnt mean that NATO is hosting the website I just thought it was a great coincidence

Registrant Contact Information: Name: Ophelia Dingbatter City: Black Diamond State: Alberta Zip: T0L 0H0 Country: CA Phone: +1.4039337890 Email: Email Masking Image@webby.com


Lots more details on this website listed here