Occupy DC Storms Verizon, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank before blockading World Bank bookstore

On the 3rd of October, Occupy DC stormed buildings housing a Verizon
wireless store, followed by a Wells Fargo Bank and a PNC bank before
marching on the World Bank and blockading the doors of the IMF/World
Bank "Infoshop" bookstore.

Additional attempts were made to storm Bank of America and ALEC before
success was achieved in storming the Verizon store, and to storm the
American Bankers Association after Wells Fargo.

The Verizon store was stormed for two reasons: Verizon Wireless is
providing a lot of customer information to the FBI, NSA, and so forth,
and Verizon, also known as "VeriGreedy" has been trying to bust their
union for over a year.

All the banks were targeted for robosigned foreclosures, plus PNC for
"investments" in mountaintop removal coal mining and Wells Fargo for
their investments in private prisons.

During the blockade of the doors on the IMF's "infoshop" a call was put
out for a massive effort to shut down the Spring 2013 Meetings of the
IMF and World Bank. Occupiers called for a full-on national/global
mobilization of the Spring 2000 class to achieve this, saying it has
been done before.