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Geert Wilders Debate With Wouter Bos

Geert Wilders who's party just made large gains in municipal elections, debates opponent PvdA-leader Wouter Bos on Dutch TV.

Wilders point to Wouter Bos is that if you are going to change the country that dramatically ~ then you should have the people on board. By the look at Wilders' support he doesn't.

One of the problems in Holland is crime by Muslim youths ~ but through the political correct policies of Dutch leaders they have been slow to deal with the problem. Such that anyone who speaks out about it ~ has been deemed a racist ~ so the problem persists.

In one incident two women were riding their push bikes ~ through or near a Muslim area ~ and they were stoned by Muslim youths. This is the type of thing that is getting the Dutch upset.

More Wilders has repeatedly said that if any newcomer to the Netherlands wishes to abide by the law and get along within the culture ~

Added: Mar-11-2010 
By: DMartyr
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