Dow Chemical Ethylene Pipe Explodes in Port Arthur, Texas

NEW YORK, Oct 18 (Reuters) - An ethylene pipeline in the city of Port Arthur, Texas, belonging to Dow Chemical ruptured and exploded Thursday morning, a spokesman for the Port Arthur Fire Department said.

He said crews had blocked the pipe and were waiting for the fire to burn out. A nearby crude butadiene pipeline belonging to Texas Petrochemicals was also leaking.

None of the area refineries or other industrial installations had been evacuated. Residents downwind of the fire were asked to stay in their homes as a precaution, the spokesman said.

Pipeline Explosion in Port Arthur Scares Residents, No Injuries

A pipeline rupture and explosion in Port Arthur at Highway 69 and 60Th Street shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday morning..

The pipeline is owned by Union Carbide, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical.
KBMT's Brian Burns has reaction from residents and officials..

Pipeline blast jolts Port Arthur, nobody hurt

PORT ARTHUR, Texas ? Nobody has been hurt today in one pipeline explosion in Port Arthur that officials say started a second line on fire.

Crews have spent the day pouring water on the pipelines as the contents are allowed to burn out.

The first pre-dawn blast involved a Union Carbide-Dow Chemical pipeline, in the Stonegate section of Port Arthur.

Flames soared about 100 feet. The pipeline flow was later shut off.

Port Arthur Fire Chief Larry Richard says the blaze was much-diminished after the ethylene flow was shut off.

Richard also says the first explosion led to a second pipeline catching fire, and that line also continues to burn.

He says the second line is operated by Texas Petrochemicals and carries crude butadiene (BYEWT'-uh-dine).

A shelter in place remains in effect for the Stonegate neighborhood.

The cause of the original explosion is sought.