Mother speaks out after baby killed by pit bull

Oct 07, 2012 9:07 PM PDT

It's a tragic story we've been following. A pit bull attacks a baby
girl, then the ambulance breaks down on the way to the hospital. Sadly,
the baby died. Sunday, the newborn's mother spoke out for the first
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Tarilyn Luciana Bowles was Marciella Ramirez's
first child. She loved her. She was with us just 3 short weeks before
her life was stolen in what her mother calls a terrible tragedy. It
happened Thursday evening inside a home on Detroit's west side where
Marciella and her baby were staying with friends.
"I put my child to sleep after feeding her and set
her down in the car seat like any mother would set her car seat on the
floor," she said. "Because she didn't like her bouncy seat."

says she saw no problem with that because she was nearby and the
homeowner's 2 year old pit bull was not in the house. She says the dog
was always either outside in the yard or locked in his kennel. But
somehow the dog got into the house and within a matter of moments he
attacked Tarilyn. It was more than any newborn could withstand. Sources
tell Fox 2 the ambulance that was supposed to rush her to the hospital
had engine trouble and couldn't go any faster than 40 miles an hour.
Tarilynn was pronounced dead at the hospital. Maricella and the dog's
owner say the attack came without warning and the dog never targeted any
of the owner's children.
The pit bull is with animal control and is
expected to be put down. The dog's owner tells me she has no problem
with that. In the midst of her grief, Maricella wants other mothers to
realize that attacks can happen within a matter of seconds and she prays
that this doesn't happen to anyone else.
A funeral home has offered to pay for the funeral
and the burial, but the family is raising money to buy a headstone.
Police say this appears to be a tragic accident.