- Update #2.5 - Wilshire Grand Skylight

www.liveleak.com/view?i=b49_1415987203 I posted a few videos of 6.625Øx05.500 HSS being laser cut for exact fit up when assembled in the truss frames that they belonged to.

www.liveleak.com/view?i=66b_1434142251 I posted a rather long video and some job site pictures, as well as pictures showing pre-assembly of the HSS6.625x0.500 that make up the entire skylight.
Due to the overwhelming poll results in my last post, I had no other choice than to post this update.
Here are some shop drawing examples of a typical truss frame assembly and progress pictures of shop fit up, ensuring that one frame will match the next frame when all of this hits the........job site.
There are 20 truss frames in all. For the most part the general framing is the same, the differences being lengths, widths and slope of the various bays. At certain locations the trusses allow for expansion joints. There are 19 sub-frames that fill in the space in between the truss frames.
Of the nearly 2000 pipes in this skylight I estimate that 5% are identical.


By: Chuppacobra (1760.80)

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