[Inventor] Voice Controlled Home Automation

Hello Fellow Liveleakers!

This is not a concept. Sign up for one by visiting goo.gl/q5Uc5B

I wanted to show you a project I have been working on. When I am not browsing liveleak I am working on my inventions. I have developed the world's first virtual assistant that allows you to turn devices on and off around the house using your voice. This is that video demonstration.

So for the past year I have been developing a device that requires no
coding to set up and I am in full swing to make my product available to
the general public so that everyone can use this technology in their own

Name it whatever you want to , I call mine Sasha.

Use whatever phrases you would like to for it.

The project is called NAUVI and it is currently on Kickstarter
seeking funding. You can go onto Kickstarter and support a fellow
liveleaker and get my invention for your use.

Visit the project by visiting goo.gl/q5Uc5B Thank you all and a special thanks to Live leak for featuring this video!

I was hoping to get more supporters directly through Kickstarter but it appears that most of the views have to come from outside sources. With that being said, I look to my online community here at liveleak to try to get the viewers and backers to make my first publicly available invention become a reality.

If you are unable to support the project and do like it, please tell your family and friends about this. I only have two weeks left to reach my goal.

Let me know what you think. Cheers


By: executivecloser (100.50)

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