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Ryan dunn forgets he ever existed.

Please notice as to how that dunn's last thoughts were extremely primitive in nature.

What do you suppose the difference between dunn's ultimately worthless life and hitler's ultimately worthless life is?

Would it be that dunn had failed to experience the thrill of mass murder, and great power over a nation? Would it be that dunn was so unhappy with his worthless existence that he would be reduced to effectively committing suicide due to an irrational act of total disregard for his own safety? (this is indicative of desperation, a cry for help).

What do you suppose the difference between dunn and the boy whose skin fell of was? (he's dead now too - his worthless life is over - and we can all laugh now seeing as how there is no God to stop us from laughing about him)

Critical thinking is a big no-no for unbelievers due to the fact that it

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Added: May-27-2012 
By: FillTheVoid
Tags: laughter, atheism, primative, failure, death, joke, pretend meaning, suicide
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