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Photos of US soldiers' alleged rape, sexual abuse in Iraq

New photos obtained by Press TV have revealed alleged sexual harassment and rape of Iraqi prisoners at US-run Abu Ghraib detention center by American soldiers.

The alleged pictures illustrate American soldiers raping and sexually harassing Iraqi detainees.

Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist from Washington, told Press TV that there is a lot of information about these photos.

"That is exactly what was taking place in Abu Ghraib and that information came to me from many many different sources some of whom actually stationed in Abu Ghraib at the time," according to Madsen.

Madsen added that the information that these photos being fake came from neoconservatives media.

To clarify the issue, Madsen said when some of these photos first surfaced in 2004 by the Boston Globe random, the paper was attacked immediately by known neoconservative propaganda.

He also ruled out

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