Black Friday/Fur Free Friday protests at Gartenhaus Furs in Bethesda, MD

This protest by the Anti-Fur Society lined the streets in front of
Gartenhaus Furs with a solid wall of people with picket signs.

One of the staffers at Gartenhaus reponded with threats to the
videotaping of what few customers they got, but was called on her
bluffs. When police responded, she surely complained to them but got no
results because the videotaping was in and from public space. The only
thing police had to say was to stay on public space and not enter the
store's property, that was it.

Meanwhile, those few customers did have to run the gauntlet to get onto
that private property. They were offered fliers but refused to take them
and then were pursued by protesters calling them out for making the
choice to wear coats that cost $5,000 or more and 40 animal lives or