Huge concentration of Ukrainian forces near Dokuchaevsk and sounds of night firefight at DNR checkpoint.

Ukrainians published video which depicts huge amount of armored vehicles and soldiers of the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade near the town of Dokuchaevsk. Such huge amount of soldiers and heavy military technics can not stay for too long on open field. There is a strong suspicion that ATO command is preparing a new offensive and these units will be soon sent into battle.

In the meantime there are reports of Ukrainian artillery strikes across front lines.
Second video depicts sounds of firefight and artillery shelling of DNR checkpoint Yasinovataya by ATO forces from last night.



By: juro (347.10)

Tags: Ukraine, ATO, DNR, LNR, Novorossia

Location: Dokuchajevs'k, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine