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Article: "Post Aurora: Don’t expect new gun laws"
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7/21/12 7:34 AM EDT

I served as Democratic policy director for the Colorado Senate minority in 2003 — when the state legislature passed the gun law package that is now the law in Colorado.

These bills had been delayed since the 1999 Columbine shootings. But that notorious high school massacre had not really altered the laws’ provisions. The heart of the package was a concealed weapons bill that requires that sheriffs issue a concealed weapons permit to any applicant certified not a habitual drug or alcohol abuser; insane, or a felon. The law eliminated a sheriff’s personal discretion based on local custom or community safety concerns.

Out here in Colorado, the National Rifle Association is considered a left-wing Washington-based organization. Instead of this Eastern establishment group, gun owners look to the Rocky Mountain Gun Owner as their voice in the legi


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