Video: Cops accused of going too far to break up block party

DALLAS (CBS 11 News) -- Dallas police officers are accused of going too far to break up a block party attended by hundreds of people.

Organizers of the event on Greenville Avenue say they have the video to prove officers were overly aggressive and made false arrests. In all, three people were arrested.

Mandy Shing was among those charged with public intoxication.

"I said, 'Let me get my bike,' but before I got the words even out of my mouth, she grabbed me and pushed me around," Shing said. "I just think it's a complete abuse of authority."

Photos show the 23-year-old UNT student taken to jail minutes after police dash cam video captured her riding by the scene.

Witnesses back up her story that she was sober and arrived after police on this bicycle with a friend.

"If you've ever ridden a tandem bicycle, it's not an easy thing to do, so you don't want to be drinking when you're riding a bike in the hot summer of Texas. It's just not fun," Shing said.

Dallas police say they were called to the scene after receiving a report that there was a group of approximately 100 people fighting.

Department officials say event organizers didn't have a permit and patrol car video backs up their version that officers acted professionally.

"We feel like they handled this appropriately. There was nobody injured," said Dallas Police Lt. Andy Harvey.

"It was definitely excessive. It wasn't called for," said Ben Sharon, the event's organizer and owner of The Rec Shop. "It was a family friendly block party event."

Those arrested say they were denied a chance to take sobriety tests.

Mandy Shing is out of jail and back on her bicycle, but plans to file a formal complaint, which would lead to an internal investigation.
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