A popular greek journalist supports the social work of Golden dawn and highlights the fact that they have cleaned the streets of athens from riffraff

popular greek journalist supports the social work of Golden dawn and
highlights the fact that they have cleaned the streets of athens from
The well-known journalist Alexa Kefalas has showed her approval to the activities of Golden Dawn in cleaning the streets of Athens.
In the TV program “C dans l’air”, the franco-greek journalist
supported the social work of Golden Dawn.
The greek journalist, who works as a correspondent for France24, Le
Figaro and "The French Culture In Greece", explains how the
interventions of the party members have cleaned the streets of Athens
from the mob, and where old people were afraid of going out because
of illegal immigrants www.atlantico.fr/pepitesvideo/alexia-kefalas-role-social-neo
We reproduce the declarations of the greek journalist in this
program, which was conducted by Yves Calvi:

Yves Calvi : Sometimes the term "neonazi" is being used,
as with the greek extreme right. This name has a sense, it has been
found out in order to scare. Don't you think that nowadays there are
forms of the extreme right wing which have common traces with neo
Alexia Kefalas : I'm sorry, but it is not the same

Yves Calvi : An american journalist asked the leader of the
greek extreme right wing whether the salutation they perform is truly
a nazi one. Was he joking or serious?

Alexia Kefalas : I think that Golden Dawn, or Chryssi Avgi in
greek, is known for their beatings of immigrants in the streets of
Athens. However, they have cleaned the public places of the old city
in Athens. Old people were afraid of going out, but now they feel

There has been so much thrashings in that district that now
immigrants are scared and now they leave the population in peace. Now
they have left the squares and parks.
Yves Calvi : I' like to ask you to clarify the term with
criterion. Are you saying that they have a social role and are more
effective than the police?
Alexia Kefalas : Yes, Athens is a border pass, and not because of
Greece's geopolitics, but simply because of its geographical
situation, and this is the reason why Atens has so much illegal

The greek authorities, by putting in practice the schengen treaty,
do not let them into Europe, and in this way, neither to France.
That's why they are stranded in the streets of Athens, and of course,
they have their rites and customs... they have no job, they do not
know what to do, for they have no papers.
Those of Golden Dawn have not only cleaned the district, but when
somebody's bag is stolen, or when a flat owner wants to rent it out,
but because of there's not many to rent, and his flat is occupied by
immigrants, people do not call the police anymore, but Chryssi Avgi.
And they not only clean the flat from immigrants, but they paint it,
change the keys, and give it back to its owner.
They have done a good work, specially in the capital, which is the
most troublesome place, but also on the islands, mainly near to the
turkish border, where there are many immigrants.

Yves Calvi : Just like the muslim brotherhood in the arabic
Alexia Kefalas : But it works! The proof is that they got 7% of
the votes. For the first time, a party like Golden Dawn is in the
parliament. And something more: their salutation is not that of
Hitler's. They see it as the ancient greek salutation. It's about the
angle of the arm during the salutation. The greek is lower than the
Original source: www.alertadigital.com/2012/07/06/una-popular-periodista-grie