Man Stabs Friend During Threesome For Not Changing Positions

Ashley Hunter–pictured above, 33, stabbed Orlando Dewitt, 37, during a threesome because he refused to change positions. Hunter and Dewitt (who met in prison) were partying in Fargo, North Dakota when they decided to continue the party at Hunter’s home. The two men began to have a threesome with a women identified as Leticia. While Leticia was performing oral sex on Hunter, Dewitt asked him to change positions with him. When Hunter refused, the two men started to argue. The argument turned into violence when Hunter pulled a 12 inch knife from under his sofa. Leticia and Dewitt ran into the bathroom. Dewitt decided to make a run for the door, but was stabbed in his left arm. Dewitt grabbed Leticia’s phone off of the table and called 911 in the alley, naked.

According to Newsone, police found a trail of blood that lead from Hunters home. Hunter is in jail on a $5,000 bond. He will make a court appearance on March 13th.



By: HeyMaker69 (2534.10)

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Location: United States

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