Soldier Foils VBIED Attack

Story Of A Hero...

Watching the terrorist's bulldozer-bomb heading to their location - The Electronic Battalion , Army division 17 -, he turned to his comrades and said :
" Stay in position, I'll do it .."
He jumped out of the barricade carrying RPG-7 launcher and one rocket, someone had to do it, a heavy bulldozer loaded with tons of TNT is heading to the besieged battalion, tens of soldiers will die in the first seconds of the explosion if it reaches its target , someone ... a brave soldier had to get closer with the 50-200 meters rang RPG rocket and stop the advancing death monster ...
He ran more than 1 km till he reached the effective rocket rang...
One rocket , one shot , it can save hundreds lives , and takes his own..
Patently, he chose the right moment, and the right spot , to destroy the walking tons of death.
The TNT- loaded bulldozer had been destroyed away from the battalion location, the base had been saved , but the brave hero died because of the huge explosion .
3 days ago, this name was written in The Book Of Heroes :

First-Lieutenant, Electronic engineer : Maihoub Mohammed Hatem.
#Army_Division_17 - The Electronic Battalion , #Raqqah.
R.I.P comrade...
Syria will never fall.. , because we have men like you.
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