Poroshanko's Claims on Russian Troops in Ukraine found to be Fallacious

January 28, 2015 -- Petro Poroshanko composed his speech this week at the World Economics Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland. He has reported that Russian troops have long ago infiltrated Ukraine. According to him, there are over 9,000 Russian troops within Ukrainian borders, all of whom are heavily armed with artillery, armored vehicles, and military aircraft.

During his speech, Poroshanko, has been repeatedly claiming it was an act of "aggression" initiated by Putin. Surely, the U.S. has decided to back Poroshanko up in such fallacious claims.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power has tweeted on her page, "Time and again, #Putin has extended an olive branch in one hand while passing out Grad missiles & amp; tanks with other. #Ukraine."

State Department Spokesperson, Jen Psaki questioned if the U.S. wanted to admit the fact that Kiev fired missiles towards civilian zones, but Samantha undeniably refused to such an inquiry.

Yet, it has been reported that Russian troops and their weaponry and vehicles weren't witnessed by a single civilian at all, only casualties were reported. Isn't this odd? The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has been on the lookout for Russian movement; they have reported, "At the two BCPs the OM did not observe military movement, apart from vehicles of the Russian Federation border guard."

The NATO commander has prevaricated about the whole "Russian invasion" situation in Ukraine. No activity has been made by Putin nor his troops.

Apparently, the U.S. has deployed 400 US mercenaries on Ukrainian soil. The mercenaries were hired by the government from a security firm, Academi. According to them, the reason they were hired was to help fight against Ukrainian rebels and anti-government protesters. Most of them have been accused of affiliating themselves with pro-autonomy activists in Ukraine.